Photo by Manor Macabre Welcome to the Manor Macabré Photo gallery!

Here you will find the largest collection of still photography of Elvira on the internet! Also some of the highest quality photos!

After more than two years the photos once restricted from inclusion on this website (and many others) are now available. Special thanks to Cassandra Peterson and Queen 'B' Productions for allowing me to freely distribute their exclusive photographs of Elvira, here at Manor Macabré.

Seen on Elvira's products throughout her illustrious (over) twenty year history, these photos have not only been scanned at high resolution, they have been digitally enhanced. Spectacular eye popping backgrounds and effects, plus high detail and color enhancement make these photographs some of the highest and most sought after on the internet.

Special thanks to the photographers who's photos have been seen for so many years you all laid the foundation for continuing the legacy of Elvira into the future. Be sure to check out their websites by clicking on the links available.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to Cassandra Peterson for allowing me rights to display her photographs. After seeing how so few Elvira sites on the internet have been able to properly represent the spirit of Elvira I am very happy and excited to be able to do just that with this site and these galleries.


Many of the photos seen in these galleries were taken by Mary Ann Halpin, Lynn Goldsmith, Bobbie Kitchens, Austin Young and David Goldner. Be sure to check out their websites by clicking,,, &

If you see any of your photos on this site (that you took yourself), and you have not been credited, please contact me and let me know! I will be more than happy to credit your work!

Special thanks to DJ for help with locating some of the restored photos recently added.


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