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the biggest Elvira photo gallery on the web! Filled to the brim with seductive pictures of our favorite ghoul friend, bustin' at the seams! Not only are many never before seen on the internet, but nearly all are high resolution and are perfect for heating up your computer! Added July 24th, 20 new photos plus MANY newly restored images through out all the galleries! Check 'em out! You won't be sorry!!

Go to the news archive for a look back over previous news about the DVD Release of "Elvira's Movie Macabre." Not to mention tons of information on Cassandra Peterson's career as Elvira.  Also you'll find information on Lori Chacko! Lori sang the title track ('Once Bitten Twice Shy') to Elvira's first movie "Elvira Mistress of the Dark!" As always Manor Macabre is still the source for Elvira news on the internet!

For those of you that missed her first movie. I have written a review (a spoiler for those who have yet to see it) of her full length, 1988 self titled motion picture, 'Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.' (Which should be available in well stocked video stores), and of course in the home of any self respecting Elvira fan!
Plus coming this fall press and news reviews for both of Elvira’s movies, including “Elvira’s Haunted Hills.”

For those of you that really are interested in our favorite late night TV horror hostess I have written an overview of her career. (A work in progress) From her original late night horror hosting gig and her own personalized beer and Haunted House, to her latest movie and beyond!

Visit the media Library of Manor Macabré and check out the New ETV Elvira Television! Feast your eyes upon these beauties. Video clips, video still captures, audio tracks and more taken from her movie, her old 'Movie Macabré' nights. As well as other countless TV and film appearances! Even stills from her never aired pilot, motion controlled ride and stills from some of her Knott's Halloween Haunt stage shows! Plus you can now watch her Halloween 2004 TV appearances from Lifetime Television, Animal Planet & E! Entertainment Television!!

Movie Macabre!ElviraTVElvira's Slice Commerical

Now, after twenty years view video footage of Movie Macabré and more! These videos have never before been seen on the internet so check them out!

Thanks to Elvira for opening her vault to Manor Macabre, so you the fans can see video clips featuring her Coors Beer Commercials, Slice's "Go Psycho with Elvira" contest commercial and more!

Visit the message forums for Manor Macabre! The only online message forum for Elvira! Come on in and register it’s free and will allow you to communicate with Elvira fans from all around the world! Discuss Elvira, Her career, memorabilia rumors and more!

A section of Manor Macabré where you can read fan fiction on Elvira written by the webmaster. Currently featuring "Elvira and the Seige of the Living Dead!" Coming in 2005 you will be able to submit your own Elvira fiction!

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