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In the recent months the amount of Elvira fan websites has grown. Sadly about two years ago a large amount of them were shut down because of confusion over who held rights over some of Elvira's photography.

Since that initial blast wave, the amount of Elvira sites have dwindled slowly, more and more. However, as stated above, in the recent months the amount have begun to grow.

Here are a few Elvira websites that offer unique content, or material worth checking out.





Elvira's Official Website-

Mistress Masterpieces - (Elvira Fan Art)

Shrine to Elvira -

Steve's Excellent Elvira Page -

Buzz's Elvira Site -

Scared Stiff with Elvira Pinball Home Page -

Cassandra Peterson's Filmography on the Internet Movie Database -,+Cassandra

Celebrity FanSites:

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